Titres vus aux cours

  (no) = Nouveauté (re) = Révision  
Date Mardi Mercredi Jeudi
13-10-2020 Country boy lovin – Jerusalema – Road house rock (re) – Desirable (re) – I said i love you (re)    
08-10-2020     Oldtime fiddle – I said i love you – lonely blue – Feral Kev & General Leroy(re) – City of New Orleans (re) – Renegades (re) – 57 chevrolet – Guest ranch – Got your number – Stuck on the middle
07-10-2020   Road house rock (re) -Jerusalema- Country boy lovin – Wounted heart (re) – summer fly – pushing & loving – I said i love you (re) – regnbogenfarben – Gypsy queen – Lonely blue  
06-10-2020 Country boy lovin – Jerusalema – Road house rock (re) – Desirable (no) – I said i love you (no)    
01-10-2020     Lonely Blue – Desirable – Redneck life – rose garden – ride with me – remember when – Bing on the good times – somebody like you
30-09-2020   Road house rock (no) – jerusalema (re) – country boy lovin (re)-i’m alive- gypsy queen- lonely drum- old time fiddle(re)- down on yours uppers – summer fly  
29-09-2020  Country boy lovin (re) – jerusalema (re) – rock house rock (no) lonely blues(re)    
24-09-2020     Jerusalema-patient heart(re)-oldtime fiddle(no)-lonely blues-rosa del mare-desirable-blue rose-rose garden(re)-my veronica-Bethlehem child
23-09-2020   Country boy lovin (re)-jerusalema (re)- old time fiddle (no)-minymoe- regenbogenfarben-ghost train-wounted heart-summer fly-lonely drum-gypsy queen-strong bounds(re)-hillbilly girl  
22-09-2020 Country boy lovin(re) – jerusalema(re)- lonely blues(no)     
17-09-2020     Jerusalema-patient heart (no)- anything for love-lonely blues (re)- gypsy queen- oh my oh my oh
16-09-2020   Country boy lovin(no) – jerusalema – wounted heart-jack daniels-regenbogenfarben- live laugh love(re)-strong-bounds(no)-country as can be-Miny-Moe-9to5-Bring On The Good Times-Down on your uppers-Closer-sangria sun- High Five  
15-09-2020 Country boy lovin(re) – jerusalema(re)- lonely blues(no)     
10-09-2020     Jerusalema(re)- wounted heart- Waves on love(re) – lonely blues(re)- woman amen- somebody like you- Got your number – booze cruise- Feral Kev & General Leeroy- never get old
09-09-2020   summer fly- regenbogenfarben- jerusalema(re) – wounted heart-Pushin & shoving- jailhouse creole- Live, Laugh, Love(no)-Three teachers-Help Me Make It-la mucara- slown down- lonely drum-Bring On The Good Times-gypsy queen  
03-90-2020     Wounted heart (re)- Jerusalem (no)- bethleheem child- lonely blues(re) -country road-  tag on (re)-
02-09-2020   Wazaaa – Wounted heart – Bring On The Good Times(re) – la mucara – jailhouse creole- 9 to 5 – jerusalem (no)- lonely drum- help me make it- big blue three- walk of life- Regenbogenfarben- hillbilly girl- country as can be – desirable – gipsy king- adalaida – tender heart – down your uppers  
27-08-2020     country roads (re)- lonely blues (no)- Wounted heart (no)
26-08-2020   wounded-heart(no)-regenbogenfarben- Jailhouse Creole- high five- no face no name no numer- 9 to 5- walk of life- rose garden (re)- Bring On The Good Times- chasing on the good times- Stuck In The Middle With You- gypsy queen-  
20-08-2020     i am music man- dixie girl- got your number- woman amen- wrong night- ride with me- big blue three- country roads- tag on- city of new orleans (re)- bound a get down- dear friend- mr policeman- somebody like you- betheeleem child
19-08-2020   Summer fly- Jailhouse creole (re)- miny moe- 9 to 5 (re)- help make- lonely drum- don’t you wish (re)- woman amen – somebody like you, regenbogenfarben- sangria sun- mucara-i m alive- hibbillygirl- blue rose-dont yours uppers- desirable- cliquety clack